Making the most of 2011

There are ten days left in 2011.  How will you spend them?  I know someone who’s spending them in Hawaii, far from the Christmas bustle and loads of expectations at home. Others are traveling to and from family gatherings with a little time devoted to the gatherings themselves.  Others are looking for the last parking spot at the mall or standing in the mile-long line at the Post Office.  For some cooking and baking are still on the things-to-do list.

What if you only had these ten days to live and you wanted to make these the best days of the year?  How would you spend your time? Gregg Krech, author, expert on Japanese mental health therapies, and Executive Director of the ToDo Institute, suggests three things to consider.

The first, he says, is to consider your choices carefully.  Will you try to read as many books as you can get through, spend more time with your loved ones, give time and energy to your favorite cause, enjoy nature, or write poetry?

Second, experience whatever you choose to do differently, that is, stay focused, avoid trying to do more than one thing at a time, and be present for the experience instead of a sending your thoughts a million miles away from your body.

The third recommendation is to “continuously reflect on how you are cared for and supported by others.  Who’s part of your support team at this very moment.  The furnace (heat)? A chair? Your eyeglasses? Warm socks? Electricity? A hot cup of coffee? Sunlight? Music? A computer? Can you stay aware of what you’re receiving even when you’re rushed?”

Sounds like good advice even if we believe we have another full year ahead of us.

About stillalife

I retired June 30, 2010 after working for 40 years in the field of education and most recently doing school public relations/community outreach in a mid-size urban school district. I wrote for superintendents and school board members. Now I'm writing for me and I hope for you. In this blog, I offer my own views coupled with the latest research on how to preserve our physical and mental health as we age, delve into issues most of us over 50 can relate to like noticing wrinkles and forgetting where we left our keys, discuss the pros and cons of different ways to engage our minds and bodies after we leave the workplace, and throw in an occasional book review, all peppered with a touch of humor, irony, and just plain silliness. Also, I'm on the third draft of my second novel since retirement.
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2 Responses to Making the most of 2011

  1. Sharon says:

    Seems to me that were there only 10 days to live that I should/would be focused on those I leave behind and how to support them when I’m gone, not on how I am to be supported by others. What provisions have I made for them to make their lives easier trying to “clean up” what I leave behind.

  2. stillalife says:

    It’s all about gratitude, how you have been and are being supported by others.

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