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Tech troubles

Technology is not my friend and neither are gremlins. I had reason to pick on both this past week. My troubles started with my new Fitbit, the wrist monitor that keeps track of steps walked and more.  After reading the “Product … Continue reading

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Technical support

I miss Nancy. She provided tech support to everyone in the building where I once worked. Nancy was calm under pressure from the masses of employees who called her every day saying they needed her help immediately, optimistic that she … Continue reading

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Why I stick with Facebook

I opened up my Facebook page today and was greeted by ads to subscribe to The Economist magazine, and for a Subaru fall sale, State Farm Life insurance, and the Do-It-All Shoe. I also received a request, on a different … Continue reading

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Labor saving devices?

“Alexa, feed my cat.  Alexa, write my term paper and then scrub the kitchen floor.” According to a recent New York Times article, people are falling in love with digital assistant Alexa, Amazon’s voice service found in several of its … Continue reading

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How to talk to old people

While I was working, I never had occasion to work with a supervisor younger than I was.  Which is why I can’t speak personally to issues that arise when older workers have bosses from the millennial generation. (Depending on the … Continue reading

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Alone but not lonely

From the vantage point of spending a somewhat quiet weekend at home, I’ve been thinking about how much I enjoy those moments when I don’t have to be social.  From time to time, I even like to shut my eyes … Continue reading

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Seeing is believing

“Consider yourself ‘piratized,’” said the nurse as she finished taping a patch over my right eye. “I’m nervous about this.” “I’ll give you a pill to calm you and drops to numb your eye.” But what if the pill didn’t … Continue reading

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Fitbit: great exercise motivator

One adage I’d love to disprove is that the older you get the longer it takes for your body to heal from an injury.  But so far experience has done nothing to persuade me that it isn’t true. I’ve devoted … Continue reading

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Talking to strangers may be good for your health

Do you ever talk to strangers? My answer would be, “It depends on where I am and on my mood at the time.” My mother, however, would have said, “Always.” She considered the woman selling hot dogs at the Target … Continue reading

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Confused? There must be an app for that

In the past week I read about three free apps that help people who want to stay focused on one project for an hour or two, and avoid checking email or Facebook or Twitter or their bank account or “breaking … Continue reading

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