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Other people’s diaries

Other people’s diaries are often more interesting than our own.  I drew this conclusion recently after reading a summary by my friend Walter, professor emeritus, expert on Ottoman poetry and speaker of many languages, based on diaries he recently obtained and … Continue reading

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Haiku for the generations

Haiku is one form of poetry that both  children and adults can understand and create themselves;  it is a great tool for helping us focus on our surroundings, especially when we travel.  So says “The Traveling Haiku Contest,” the cover article by … Continue reading

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Play with your toes

I have grown taller since yesterday, or at least that’s how I feel.  As one who was 5’8″ for much of her adult life, it has been crushing to hear my doctor’s nurse reporting aloud my shrinkage, first to 5’7 … Continue reading

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A “taste” of the future?

I ate lunch at a Senior Center today and wondered if I’d find myself spending much time at a place like this in the future and, if so, if I would enjoy being there.  I didn’t feel particularly comfortable today, … Continue reading

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Formula for success?

In early May, I urged readers to capture their life stories in writing.  I said it was a way to leave a legacy and possibly to help future generations understand aspects of the past.  I should have added that when you … Continue reading

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“Cave of Forgotten Dreams”

When I was younger I wanted to visit the Lascaux caves in Southern France to get as close as possible to the famous prehistoric paintings on the walls. Unfortunately, the caves, discovered in 1942 were closed to the public in 1963, shortly … Continue reading

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Why do it yourself?

I have always been a dilettante when it comes to arts and craft.  I feel inspired by the work talented and creative people produce and I want to replicate what they have done even when I have no experience, talent … Continue reading

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Growing up fundamentalist

Imagine growing up thinking that you could be sent to Hell,  a site of “eternal torment, literal flames and wailing and gnashing of teeth, ” for being a Catholic, a Communist, a Democrat, liberal, “modernist” interpreter of the Bible, an … Continue reading

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Reality summed up in a walk

I went on a neighborhood walk this morning, where I first saw this carpet of petals and blossoms.  A few blocks beyond, a woman pushing a child in a stroller smiled when she saw what I had managed to appropriate … Continue reading

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It’s hard to plan for the end of the world

Yesterday I read on the National Public Radio (NPR) website that the world is coming to an end on May 21. Apparently there will be a huge earthquake starting on the West Coast (not out of the realm of possibility) … Continue reading

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