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New Year’s resolutions are to blame

After the holidays, I attended a Zoom class on how to keep a visual diary.  Not having kept a diary before, but having received dozens of notebooks as gifts in anticipation of a time I might keep one, I decided … Continue reading

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How to start the summer

What’s your idea of a good way to kick off the summer? I know that summer is supposed to be lazy, the period when you kick back, read a good book and daydream. That, however is the summer of myth. … Continue reading

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Tulalip tribes Cultural Center is welcome newcomer to area

What a joy to discover a great new museum in my backyard!  The Tulalip Tribes Hibulb Cultural Center opened in August.  A friend got an early peek when invited to tour with a party of blogger journalists.  She reported that it was … Continue reading

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How do we spend our days?

People who are nearing retirement either dream of or fret about the time when they will have eight extra hours a day to take it easy.  A friend just sent me a recent report that should dishearten the dreamers and … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the past year

The local public schools are closed for the summer, and since that’s where I spent much of my career, I’m reminded that it’s been about a year since I retired.  Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my first year away from … Continue reading

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“Corpse flower” allures more than insects

Standing in line for a 30-minute wait outside a greenhouse on the University of Washington campus, I started preparing myself mentally for the odor that would envelop me once I got inside.  Yes, odor.  I was about to enter the … Continue reading

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Other people’s diaries

Other people’s diaries are often more interesting than our own.  I drew this conclusion recently after reading a summary by my friend Walter, professor emeritus, expert on Ottoman poetry and speaker of many languages, based on diaries he recently obtained and … Continue reading

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Reality summed up in a walk

I went on a neighborhood walk this morning, where I first saw this carpet of petals and blossoms.  A few blocks beyond, a woman pushing a child in a stroller smiled when she saw what I had managed to appropriate … Continue reading

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The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival website boasts that one million people a year attend this event every April.  I believe they all came today.  Who can blame people for wanting to take a road trip on this, the warmest, sunniest … Continue reading

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The mysteries of Mahjong

The domino-shaped plastic tiles, yellowed from age, made clicking sounds as we arranged them in a square, rows of 18 on each side with two layers stacked on top of each other.  The set of tiles came from eBay, the one … Continue reading

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