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South Capital Hill/Central District West Seattle– Fauntleroy                                        Queen Anne

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Shopping on the cheap

Having spent too much money in the past month, the topic of thrift stores is on my mind. Recently, a friend who just returned from abroad, and I set out to explore thrift stores on the Eastside.  Although we have … Continue reading

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I’m dreaming of a white what?

I’m dreaming of a what?  A white Thanksgiving? Bad dream.  I got the wrong holiday.

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Snow Days

Waking up today to witness the beginnings of a snowstorm confirmed for me that this is what retirement is all about.  I could stay inside, work on several projects, drink cocoa and not worry about a thing.  This is very … Continue reading

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Worst job ever

Warning to readers.  This is my first blue humor posting, but it’s only a light blue, say a powder blue. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?  The worst job you can think of?  Many years ago I taught a … Continue reading

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Payback time

“I’ve got a wonderful opportunity for you,” said the overly cheery voice on my answering machine.  I knew what that meant: it’s payback time.  I’m being paid back for all those phone calls I made to volunteers – using a … Continue reading

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Addendum by David Horsey

Political columnist and cartoonist David Horsey isn’t writing about gratitude in his November 11 blog, but he is reinforcing the notion that no one can do it all alone, which is part of my blog of November 13.  He also … Continue reading

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Trying to live gratefully

During the election campaign I heard a radio interview with a Tea Party candidate — one of the angry Americans we heard from during the last few months (about as frequently as telemarketer’s calls) — who told her listeners about … Continue reading

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Policy makers need to go back to school

Geoffrey Canada, whose Harlem Children’s Zone was featured in the controversial film, “Waiting for Superman,” (controversial over what many viewers believe to be an anti-teachers’ union stance) is a powerful and persuasive speaker on the topic of changing education.   … Continue reading

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We could do that!

Whenever friend Marilyn and I see arts and craft pieces we like, such as Polaroid transfer prints, we examine them from the perspective of whether we could create something similar.  We often decide we can, rarely appreciating the complexity of … Continue reading

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